The Nitty-Gritty When It Comes to Mens Fashion Choices 101

There are a lot more men’s fashion accessories and apparel out there than you realize. Sure, women’s fashion is far and beyond more detailed and complicated, there’s a lot you can work with when it comes to men’s fashion. Those pants, shirts, shoes, socks, and underwear require the right accessories to complete the look you’re going for. While Mens Fashion is seemingly not as well-developed as women’s fashion, it still exists to improve the appearance and even sexual appeal of the person wearing them. Accessories for your men’s fashion needs include watches, (men’s) jewelry, ties, and sunglasses. These items are optional for you to wear but can serve as a way to accent your look the same way a girl’s hairband, bag, or (women’s) jewelry (like bracelets and necklaces) can make her appearance feel more complete.

What Are the Men’s Accessories You Should Watch Out For?

* Watches, particularly wristwatches, are the most common accessories around. They’re not as common nowadays as before, but many casualwear or even formalwear ensembles look much better with the right watch. Your watch type should suit the look you’re going for. Formalwear watches should have metallic bands plus have minute and hour hands. Casualwear can get away with either digital or analog watches with leather bands. Sportswear watches typically need digital watches with stopwatch functions.

* In regards to jewelry that men can wear, they can go with the youthful trend of wearing just a simple (not dangling) earring on one ear. They could also sport their ring (of the wedding or engagement variety), and perhaps a dog tag necklace or some sort of medallion. While women’s jewelries are more feminine and ornate, men’s jewelry are known for their Spartan simplicity or minimalist appearance. Unless you’re a king in full regalia or Mr. T.

* The tie is an iconic men’s fashion accessory that you rarely see from women (perhaps more commonly with cross-dressing or working women). The purpose of the tie has been lost in history but it remains a popular item on a three-piece suit. It’s believed to have evolved from the tradition of wearing a neck scarf, as though it’s the formalwear version of a scarf like the bowtie or the long tie. It’s the best men’s accessory to have when dressing up for formal occasions for sure.

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